What a Glorious Day

I’m sure it’s mainly the weather, but I’ve had a lovely day today. It was really warm and sunny and made me feel very cheerful.

I went to yoga at lunch time. There were only four of us there, and Rob looked around and said “As you’re all quite experienced,” (I was feeling good already) “we’ll have an energetic session.” And it was. It left me feeling very stretched and energised, ready for the rest of the day and weekend.

I was supposed to be playing squash with Mark in the afternoon, and after that yoga I’m sure I’d have beaten him, but he was being sick. So instead I played croquet with Lance and very civilised it was too. I got the children from school and chatted in the sun for a while before going to Lance and Mary’s. John had his first swimming lesson, so we had a good cycle across Hob Moor.

In the evening, I went to the theatre with Jackie. We went to see Foxes, a play about asylum seekers in Leeds.

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