Visiting Will

Will is off work at the moment because of an operation to his knee. He damaged it playing football – I knew those rough games were a bad idea! I went to visit him today while the children were at school.

He gave me details of our half term holiday at one of the Center Parcs in Holland, which looks really fun. He also showed me all the family tree information that he’s been entering onto his computer. So far he’s put on the stuff that was researched by both of our grandfathers. This goes quite a long way back and also spreads out wide to include “interesting” people like Ben Nicholson and the Sackville-Wests. Then it’ll need updating with two generations worth of children. Then all the foreign relatives need their sections including. THEN he can get onto the interesting part of seeing if he can discover anything new. It seems to be much easier nowdays, with all the information on the web, than it was a couple of decades ago, when you had to visit places and look in old books. Not as atmospheric perhaps. He’s put what he’s done so far on a genealogy website.

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