Well – long time no post

I’ve really got out of the habit of writing here – partly because it felt as though I was trying to say the same things in different ways all the time!

Anyway – I’ll start again and see how I go this time round.We had a good summer holiday, visiting Mandy and David, going to Wales with all the extended family and going to Florence with Helen and David.

John has started secondary school at Millthorpe, Rose is in year 6 at Scarcroft with a new male teacher (who was on my PGCE course) whom she really likes, and Toby is working hard in year 11.

I’m doing some tutoring of Clara and Luigi, who’s mother has taken them out of school.

Over the summer I managed to do some yoga most days, and am still trying to keep that going. Rob has stopped doing daytime classes which is a shame, so I’ve started going to an evening class – longer and more difficult, but good. I feel a lot better for doing a little each day.

I’ve been out a lot to the theatre – notably recently to The Man with Two Gaffers with Judy and Keith, To Kill a Mockingbird with Toby and A One Man Star Wars Trilogy with Mark. Also still having coffe or lunch with friends – many thanks to Mark, Cathy, Kath, Andrea and Michelle. Still playing badminton whenever possible with Mark and Simon.

Life is busy and generally fun!

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