Millthorpe Open Evening

On Monday evening Rose and I went up to Millthorpe for their open evening. It’s very odd to think that next year I won’t have any children at Scarcroft – for the first time in 11 years! I’m already missing the morning school run, because Rose is walking to school by herself and next year I won’t get the afternoon one either. When on earth will I pick up all the gossip – or some days talk to anyone at all!

John was busy at school being a model pupil in a French class, which we went to watch. We managed to avoid having to listen to the head’s talk, which was a relief because he isn’t the world’s greatest speaker. We vaguely wandered around looking at bits and pieces – fantastic art rooms – but I couldn’t be bothered to think of any intelligent questions to ask pupils or teachers. As Rose said when I asked her if she wanted to go and look around All Saints, “Not really, I’m going to go to Millthorpe, aren’t I?”

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