Past couple of days

Had a good couple of days recently, although the weather hasn’t been very good. Spent Friday in town with friends – dashing into random shops when the heavens opened. It was my friends party last night and he was quite worried because it was going to be outside and it had been raining. Got luck though and the rain stopped at about 6 and then didn’t start up again till this morning, so it was a good party.

Haven’t really done much this morning. Spent the morning recovering at my friends house then played badminton this afternoon. Had some tasty lamb chops for tea and I’ve just got in from my run around the river. (Second one in 3 days – that’s dedication for me!) Dad’s downstairs having his birthday meal with Helen, Josh and Sharon. John cooked the meal and it looks delicious. I’ll be off now and I’ll try and write again before I go away on Monday.

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