Bonfire Weekend

We’ve had a great weekend – two bonfire parties and visitors to stay.

On Friday evening we went to John and Katie’s house and then allotment for a fantastic bonfire, lots of sparklers, red wine and port, then back to theirs for pumpkin soup, bread, cakes and Rose’s extra special chocolate brownies. Unfortunately Cindy was too worn out by her treatment to come to any of this – she sat on the sofa and dozed and then went to bed early.

While we were at John & Katie’s, Simon Palmour told me about his new blog.

Then on Saturday afternoon, Lal and Pauline came to stay, bringing a lovely butter dish for Cindy’s birthday. We went to Steve and Sam’s for another bonfire party – lots of fireworks set off by Tom, Josh, Toby and even John lit a couple. We had soup, veggie burgers for the children, quite a lot of red wine and a very pleasant evening. Cindy had to go home about 9 o’clock and was soon followed by all the others. Once we got home, we were all feeling rather peckish, so we got a take away curry.

Today, we all went to Meeting, while L&P cooked lamb for us. Toby missed the meal, because he had to go and play football. Yet another loss for the Panthers.


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