Training Day

All the children had a day off school yesterday, so after a lateish morning (for me and Cindy, anyway) we went into to town and had brunch at Meltons Too. John had a full english breakfast, with bacon, sausage, 2 fried eggs, black pudding, lambs kidney, mushrooms, grilled tomato and a grilled muffin. It certainly filled the plate, looked delicious and was all eaten up (Cindy had the kidney, and I had most of the mushrooms). I had scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, Toby had a bacon and egg butty and Rose had a big piece of chocolate cake. Much enjoyed by all.

While Cindy took the children home, I dashed off for my regular game of badminton with Simon. He won again, but it wasn’t the awful walkover of last week. 2-1 to him with the last game very close.

Cindy went to bed when I got home, John and Rose made cards, Toby pottered and then had to go to the dentist to have his brace tightened again. The dentist says that he should be able to have his brace off by Easter next year.

In the evening we watched Shrek 2 and kept nice and warm indoors.

Most exciting of all – John got a Blue Peter badge.

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