Wheelchair Joke

We went to Bridlington today with Mary. I enjoyed getting out in the fresh air, it wasn’t quite as cold as it has been.

We took the wheelchair for when Cindy got tired of walking. Toby was in it for a while. To start with I pushed him wildly and spun him round. Then when we’d got tired of that, I pushed him sensibly for a while. When an elderly couple were just walking towards us, he got out of the wheelchair and I turned to Cindy in amazement and said, “I told you the sea air would do him good!” I don’t think the couple were convinced that anything miraculous had happened – particularly as we were laughing like drains.

In fact, Cindy laughed so hard she had to sit down in the wheelchair to recover!

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  1. Hi you guys!! we found out about your site from Lance when we visited Kat & Simon New Years day – we had a great time. It was fun to see Tom and Jack together – Jenny and Katharine were comparing ‘baby notes’ a lot of the time. It was good to use your site to catch up on news – it’s a bit slow percolating through these days, especially since L & M are so far away. I’m impressed with all the activities you all manage to fit in, but sorry to see that Edward is off work with stress. As a fellow teacher I’m not the least surprised. I can honestly say that switching to supply was the saving of me – friends had commented that I had become a different person (not in a good way) and that I am visibly more relaxed and more like I used to be before teaching took over my life (literally. I’m currently doing supply at a little prep school and some tutoring for a Year 7 girl who is waiting to get a place in a school.
    We had a lovely Christmas – the first one I’ve enjoyed since starting teaching! We had lots of family time and did several walks. Heather had a gig for New Years eve in a local pub, so we supported that then dashed back to a friends party to celebrate 2005 arriving.
    Hopefully we’ll get to see you sometime soon – we’re coming to stay with Helen & Andy 1st weekend in Feb and hope to visit L & M so maybe we can meet up.
    love Kath Richard & Heather

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