Back to School …Soon

I went into school this morning to talk about starting back after the half term holiday. They’ve arranged a “phased return” to work, where I observe and work with small groups during the first week back, gradually do more teaching during the second week, teach 3 days in the third week, 4 days in the forth, and the whole week in the fifth week, which is the last week of term.

I was remarkably worked up just going into school, but of course it was fine, everyone was very nice. I went into my classroom to see my class, and they were pleased to see me, which made me feel great. There are a lot of nice children in the class and I should be able to get back into enjoying teaching, rather than struggling to get through it. I’ve arranged to go in a couple more times before the holiday, just as a helper or to pop in and that’ll also start making it seem more normal. I was surprised to discover how much I enjoyed seeing everyone!

The school have also found a behaviour management course, specifically for NQTs that I’m going to go on. It’s three or four days long scattered through the next term or so.

I’m actually starting to look forward to going back (some of the time!)

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