Truck-part 4

Hey everybody my truck is now back to its normal self again, after a few bumpy weeks she is in fully working condition! I was driving her last night around the park and she was going scarily fast! Well as I said last time I was going to go down to the Knavesmire and drive about. I also mentioned letting dad have a go. I should have realised from the beginning that that was a mistake!

O well got her fixed up and she is running smoothly. Going to buy a few parts for her over the next two weeks or so. This time to make sure the truck lasts longer than to get the truck going again!

I’m going to get a new air filter and a fuel filter. This will stop dirt and dust getting into the engine and also keep the engine cool while it is running. I am also going to get a centre skid plate and a fuel tank guard. This will strengthen the truck and help stop things breaking. Overall these four items will cost about £40!!! Oh well its all worth it.

Oh yeah and she still hasn’t had the space to hit top speed. I don’t think I will ever drive her at top speed because you need a really long, straight, flat road to get full power with no cars and you don’t get that in the UK! Oh well I’ll see how fast I can get her going off road though!!!

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