Waiting for Tobias

John and Rose have gone to bed. Cindy is having a nap because she’s exhausted.

Toby is on a coach on his way home from Manchester Airport, where he’s gone with school to meet his German exchange, Tobias. They should be arriving in York in the next half an hour or so. They’ll probably both be hungry!

Tobias is staying until next Tuesday, and he’s got an action packed schedule lined up. They’re both going into school tomorrow, then off to Bradford to the National Museum of Film and Photography. Saturday, Toby, Tobias and I are off, with Keith, to watch Huddersfield Town play, then in the evening one of Toby’s friends and German visitor is coming to watch videos and eat pasta. Sunday we’re going to Whitby for fish and chips. Monday is school for Toby and a day out in York for Tobias, then bowling organised by the school in the evening. On Tuesday, Toby and Tobias go to school and Tobias goes home from there.

I’m off to pick up them up in ten minutes or so – oh,there’s the phone!!

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