Chemo Nine

Cindy was due to have another session of chemo this week, but as she’s still recovering from a cold, and frankly, because next week will be much more convenient, she phoned the hospital this morning and told them she would like to delay by a week. By then we’ll all be back at school/work and there will be less going on that she’ll have to do when she’s feeling knackered.

Also, this will mean that she won’t have a treatment in the week of Jane’s wedding, which will be nice.

Kitchen Progress

Yesterday I tidied up the kitchen, rubbed down bits of woodwork, cleared up plaster and so on.

Today, I have got two coats of watered down white all over the walls and ceiling. Then Dave arrived to help with one coat of white on ceiling, one coat of blue on the end wall and putting the radiator back on. So real progress has been made today.

It looks amazingly different with just this much paint on – it’s really starting to look like a proper room! Not all progress will be this fast, there are lots of fiddly electrical and plumbing fixings to do and no doubt some of the cupboards will take a while to fix in properly, but it really feels as though it is coming along.

Photos will follow when I’ve found my cardreader for the camera – it’s somewhere in the mess!

Easter Sunday

We’ve had a lovely lunch today with Lance and Mary. Roast Lamb – we haven’t had anything roasted for a while (except for chicken on Friday, Cindy has just pointed out)!

Last night we had a fantastic meal with Lal and Pauline at Melton’s.

Kitchen paint colour is chosen and bought. All ready to go, just going to give the plaster another day to dry some more.

Back Home

We’ve been back at home since Friday evening, as my parents were having other guests (David and Rachel – Sarah’s brother and wife, who are visiting Europe for a whistle-stop 4 weeks).

The floor is down, the plastering finished and today the coving is going up, so there are obvious improvements happening. We ordered all the appliances last week, and they should be arriving soon. David is coming next week to start decorating and kitchen fitting. I’ve rented a dehumidifier to help the plaster and floor dry out quickly.

The house is still chaos, with nowhere to cook or eat really. Fortunately the Sodens are away for a week and are letting us use their kitchen. By next week we should be able to get back into the kitchen and use a tap, and possibly put up a camping stove.

Chemo 8

Another chemo session on Tuesday (yesterday). Cindy has been very busy today, including going to her Italian class, but has gone to bed exhausted already. Side effects still not too bad – her hands are getting red and sore and her nails are awful, but nothing major thank goodness.

We’re all getting used to the huge amount of space her at the Mount – will we ever be satisfied in our little house again! Of course we will, especially once we’ve got a lovely new kitchen.

Cindy let in the builders this morning and already the plaster is off the walls up to 1m from the floor, all the quarry tiles have been lifted and the concrete underneath is starting to go. Mayhem.

Kitchen Ready for Next Stage

Dave went home on Saturday after lunch. He left a kitchen with a new plasterboard ceiling, total rewiring and all ready for the dampproof company. I’ve finished stripping the wood chip off the walls and so that is all ready to be plastered. The next stage starts on Wednesday when the floor will be dug up – should take about a week to finish laying the new floor and plaster walls and ceiling.

We’ve decamped to my parents’ house for a fortnight or so – being out of the dust is a relief for everyone, especially Cindy. I’m at home today, and working the rest of the week.

Kitchen Starts!

Dave came up on Sunday evening and by Monday evening we had no units in the kitchen – and no kitchen ceiling. The old kitchen ceiling was so wrecked, so much lighting needed to be done, and a tube for an extractor fan needed to be put in so we’d decided total removal would be the best option.


We now have a fridge, freezer, kitchen table, toaster, kettle and so on in the back room and not much space to move around. Cindy had been very organised and cooked lots of food in advance, so we’ve eaten well so far. As we don’t have a cooker at the moment, most of our evening meals have been cooked at my parent’s house.

The plasterboarding for the new ceiling was done in two evenings (because it’s a two person job and I was at school) and was finished last night (Wednesday). Dave has almost finished the wiring for the sockets and lights and is sorting out our rotten door frame.

Next week the damp company arrive to dig up the entire floor, damp-proof it and lay a new one – and also replaster/skim the walls and ceiling. That’ll make even more mess and dust no doubt. Fortunately we are able to move into my parents house for a bit.

Once the floor and walls have dried, Dave will come back and fit our new kitchen, which should be done by Easter.