Out of the Habit

I’ve really got out of the habit of posting here, so I’m going to try and get going again.

I enjoyed Christmas much more than I expected to. We had a very busy time – an excellent Christmas day at Lance & Mary’s with all my side of the family. Then we went down to Fareham to stay with Mandy and David and saw Pat & Maurice too.

We spent new year with James & Emma – the adults just about managed to stay awake, while Toby, John and Rose were full of energy. Then we came home for a couple of days before the start of term.

There has been one whole week of school and a few days before that. Everyone seems to have settled back into it alright. John had a good work assembly this afternoon which was really good. His class performed a version of Julius Caesar. John was the soothsayer, and kept wandering around saying “Beware the ides of March.”

Toby and I went to his award ceremony for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme this evening, so he now officially has his Bronze Award.  He’s just written the letter to apply to go on the Silver Award, so I hope he gets on to that.

I’m having a party on Sunday afternoon/evening, so if you’re in the area drop in for a drink from 5pm!

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