Just the Two of Us

On Thursday night Just the two of us started, on BBC 1. I thought it was okay, but the celebrities weren’t very good because I hadn’t heard of most of them. And I had only heard of one of the proper singers, which was Jo O’Meara only because she had been in S Club 7. Vernon Kay and Tess Daly presented it and I think that they were good especially Vernon because he is more fun than Tess. They were following in the footsteps of Richard and Judy, Vernon and Tess are married and this is their first presenting job together. But I’m sure that they will have more to come. I knew one of the judges which was Trevor Nelson from Radio one, but I’ve vaguely heard of Lulu was she a singer? I want Matt and Jocelyn to win because I thought that they put on a really good performance and Matt can sing a bit, but Jocelyn has an amazing big voice. Visit the website for more info and to find out when it is next on.

This is my first ever entry but I will continue.

Old Photos

We were looking through lots of old photos last night, and Rose wanted a copy of the some of her eating when she was a baby. While I was scanning those, I did some others from the same album. Some are of the children, some are of Cindy and one is of me. They must be from about 1997, Toby was 6, John 2 and Rose 1.


Kodo Drummers

On Sunday we went over to Manchester to see the Kodo Drummers, for John’s Christmas present.

We went on the train in the morning and first went to the newish Imperial War Museum in the North. We had lunch in the cafe there, and then John and I took part in a dance workshop doing the Big Apple – a dance from the 20s/30s. The teachers were both fairly old, and started by showing us a jive – which showed that they were still pretty fit. John was very good and I almost got the hang of it. Then we moved onto a jive which I didn’t get the hang of at all. We spent a while longer in the museum (the highlight of which seemed to be the free table football game in the cafe).

Tea in Pizza Express – should have tried harder to find somewhere more interesting, but can’t do everything. And on to the Bridgewater Hall for the drumming – lovely concert hall with a brilliant acoustic – the flute that got played during some of the pieces was still really clear over the hugely loud drumming. The toweling thong jock straps that the drummers wore during one of the songs caused some amusement! Highlights were a piece with 7 tuned drums, each one about a semitone apart, but not all tuned to a western scale, which beat in and out of time with each other sounding like a train or plane; a sort of comic bit with three players playing a tiny drum, cymbals and a flat tennis racquet like drum, who strode around the stage pretending to beat huge instruments; and the encore with all the drummers on at once. It’s very difficult to describe what was good about each piece – I bet people who play percussion have a whole vocabulary that I don’t know.

We got home at half past midnight and so I was very proud when all the children managed to get up for school on Monday morning!

Weekend in London

We went to London this weekend, primarily for Eleanor Garner’s christening – of which more later.

John, Rose & I caught the 3:55 train after school (Toby didn’t want to come – he spent the weekend at the Holman’s), and arrived in London at six o’clock. We stayed at David and Helen’s and David met us at the station and went with us to his home. Helen got home that at midnight after a fortnight in India.

On Saturday, we said hello to Helen then went into Waterloo to meet Mandy and Amy. We had lunch at a cafĂ© in Regent’s Park and then Mandy and Amy took John to Madame Tussauds while Rose and I went to London Zoo. John loved Mme Tussauds, he “met” lots of celebrities and took photos of most of them. Rose & I enjoyed the zoo, particularly the spider monkeys who were eating their tea just behind a pane of glass. We had another cup of coffee with Amy and Mandy and then went our separate ways.

In the evening we had a great italian meal with Helen and David and Sam. John and Rose were absolutely exhausted, so I told them to see how long they would sleep for and not to worry about waking up for a train to north London. Which is how we managed not to get to Eleanor’s christening – sorry Eleanor. I’m sure it went just as well with three fewer guests. It would have been good to see Andrew and Emma though.

Instead on Sunday we spent the afternoon in the British Museum looking at Egyptian things, as Rose is doing them at the moment and John did them last year. Then we got the six o’clock train back to York and were picked up at the station by Mary. Another exhausting weekend!


Easter Holiday

Great excitement, as I’ve booked us a holiday in Turkey over Easter. We’re going to stay in a hotel that David Campbell recommended, and fly from Gatwick to Dalaman. It’s just about on the beach, and in April Turkey should be pretty warm, so I expect we’ll spend quite a lot of time not doing very much. Then in the summer we’re going to Florence with Helen and David. So plenty of holidays this year.

It’s been so cold today that it makes the idea of a warm holiday even more enticing. I’ve been feeling a bit run down today, so didn’t do anything but doze in a hot bath this afternoon.