Meeting and a Play

We went over to Swarthmore for Meeting this morning. The village Meeting House had had a fire, so Meeting was held in the Hall itself. There were about 10 people from the village, and about 40 from Friargate, almost half of them children.

Lunch was amazing. Loads of different salads, quiches, lovely breads, cheese…

We rehearsed the play after lunch. I must admit I quite enjoyed the rehearsal (I was George Fox, John was Priest Lampitt (we had to argue) and Rose was a servant). I did not enjoy the performance at all though, and have decided just to say “no” if anyone asks me to be in a play again.

More food in the evening, another much smaller bonfire, and then back to Rookhow.

Go Ape, Mountain Biking and a Bonfire

Rookhow is only 3 miles down the road from the Grizedale Forest Visitors centre, so there were lots of activities available. I’d booked Go Ape for 12 of us. It was Rose’s first chance to go, after hearing about it for three years, so she was really looking forward to it. We all had a fantastic time. Others who came with us didn’t enjoy it quite so much. Well done to Jeremy for getting around in spite of not enjoying it at all.

After a fantastic lunch at the Grizedale Cafe, we all rented bikes and went mountain biking. Because there were lots of adults around, we were able to split up into various groups. Rose went around fairly gently with Lily and Chris Hughes, John enjoyed a good cycle with Cathy Holman and Milly and Anna, while Chris Holman and I went with Toby and Luke round a new mountain bike trail. This new route had lots of “single track” sections, that were rocky, or boggy, steep and on boardwalks. It was really fun and just at the edge of what I thought I could manage! Some of the corners were banked, so some people obviously go much faster than I was.

We had a fantastic meal, prepared by Nan. Everyone from both houses came over to Rookhow and we had a bonfire in the woods. With singing.

Exercise and the Lake District

I had a busy day today. I spent the morning sorting out packing for the Meeting trip to the Lake District – following a day of cooking yesterday (1 huge lasagna and a bread and butter pudding to take with us, and a hotpot for tea). We’re staying in quite basic accomodation, so we need to take sleeping bags as well as all the normal stuff. And as it’s the Lake District, I’m making sure the children have about 5 changes of clothes, just in case!

At lunchtime, I went to my normal yoga class, which is always exhausting and sweaty. Then I went to the RI to play squash with Mark – even more exhausting and sweaty! I used to think I got hot playing badminton, but it really doesn’t compare with squash.

We left for the Lakes at about 5:30 and had a good journey, except for the last 3 miles, when we drove round the village about 4 times trying to find the right way. We are staying at a place called Rookhow, which was built as a Monthly Meeting House. What used to be the stable block has been converted into a hostel. Also staying here are most of the other families who’ve come on the weekend, with Ruth and David Corry, and Nan. Other people are staying at Swarthmore Hall, which is rather more plush apparently.

Lunch with Kath

I had a lovely lunch today with Kath. The last of the Ikea gravadlax, salad and a glass of wine. Followed by a very nice chocolate cake that she had brought with her.

I also went to the supermarket and continued to try to get to the bottom of the washing basket!

Rose went to gymnastics for the first time this term, and Toby went off to squash practise. He said it felt like hard work today, partly because he hasn’t played over the holiday, and partly because he got put into a higher group. I told him that I always lose, and that it must be good for his game!


I just watched 4 music presents… Morrissey from earlier in the month. He’s aged really well and the new songs sound good. I bought the new album for Toby for his birthday, so must make sure I get to listen to it too.

Morrissey performed a Smiths song as well, Still Ill. The Smiths are possibly the one band that most represent my late teenage years to me. Their songs are instantly familiar and I still know a lot of the lyrics by heart. Oh those evenings spent discussing the most hilariously depressing lyrics!

And if a double-decker bus
Crashes into us
To die by your side
Is such a heavenly way to die
And if a ten-ton truck
Kills the both of us
To die by your side
Well, the pleasure – the privilege is mine


Washing, Badminton and Bookgroup

A general sorting out day today. Several loads of washing dried and sorted. Supermarket not visited, must do it tomorrow!

A good game of badminton with Simon at lunchtime. He beat me 2-1 in spite of me being up by quite a lot in each game. Very frustrating the way I let the games go.

Bookgroup at Simon’s this evening. Discussing “Heart of Darkness”, which I found really hard to get through, didn’t enjoy, and didn’t feel I understood. Nice to discover that most other people hadn’t got it either.

Turkey Holiday

We’ve just got back from a lovely holiday in Patara, Turkey.

The hotel was pretty luxurious, and was run by two lovely people, Anne Louise and Muzaffer. Muzaffer was a fascinating person, when he was growing up his family was still nomadic, and he was full of information about the region and its history.

We spent most of our time on the beach, but we did visit some ruins, go on a boat trip, visit a couple of the local towns and play a lot of card games. It was very sunny for most of the time, but it did rain for a couple of days, and was grey on a couple of others. We’ve all come home very brown, and feeling rested.