Seaside Again

We’ve been to Hunmanby Gap again today. Some skimming, some body boarding.

John jumped off a submerged rock into, over, through waves for half an hour. They both hunted for fossils and found several “Devils Toenails” and Rose found a nice ammonite.

Toby’s just got home from his weekend and has had a good time, not too exhausted, all quite easy apparently, although another group managed to get lost, gave up and sat down waiting for help!


John went to dance this morning, Rose was picked up from her sleepover at 11:30 – absolutely exhausted, very little sleep I think. In the afternoon we went down to the park, played hide and seek in the waist high cow parsley – absolutely impossible to find anyone. Later on in the afternoon, John went to a party at water world, and Rose and I went to see Anna in hospital (she’s got pneumonia, poor thing, but seemed much better today.)

Keith and Judy came round for a meal in the evening. We had fantastic steak with chinese spices, noodles and pak choi. Biggest pieces of meat I have cooked for ages, ever perhaps 8oz steak each! Too much really, could have half as much meat, twice as much veg. Absolutely delicious though.

Non Contact Time

We went to the West Yorkshire Playhouse to see the third of the plays that we’re seeing on the big deal. It was Non Contact Time, a play written by a primary teacher about life in a primary school. It had some very funny, well observed moments, such as a chorus of “Pens down. 5 4 3 2 1. Let’s see who’s ready. Well done, well done, well done. Who’s letting us down?” Lots of laughter of recognition from an audience that must have been mostly teachers! The story, particularly at the end seemed over dramatic and tacked on.

The play was only 90 minutes long, so we were home nice and early. Jean had been babysitting, and only John was home. Rose was out at a sleep over and Toby is away for the weekend on his D of E expedition training.

Scarcroft Arts Evening

Scarcroft – John and Rose’s school ran an arts evening for parents and children that we’ve just got home from.

It started off with Mrs Cornhill, the headteacher, giving a ten minute talk on how “the arts” (music, art, dance and drama) fit into the curricullum. then there was the chance to take part in various workshops. There was dance (no takers!), collage, art in ICT, drama, textile painting and drumming – which we did.

Mrs Cornhill ran the drumming, with Mrs Ekers. It started off with some rhythm copying and listening games. The main part of the session was learning various drumming pattens and putting them together to make a piece. We split into two groups and had the two groups doing their different rhythms fitting together and then Mrs Cornhill put some complicated rhythms on top of us. I really enjoyed it and I think everyone else did too.

I was really impressed at how many teachers had stayed to take part in the evening and what fun they seemed to be having. We’re very lucky to have such a good school on our doorstep.

Turkish Baths

I went with Ted today over to Harrogate to go to the Turkish Baths (info here and here).

As usual, wonderfully relaxing and pleasant experience. Followed by tapas, then back on the train just in time to pick the children up from school.

Sheer luxury – definitely better than being at work!

Pauline and Lal’s Anniversary

It was Lal and Pauline’s first anniversary, so they had a party to celebrate. They’ve also done a lot to their garden, so it was a garden christening party too. We went over on Saturday afternoon, after J+R’s dancing (John didn’t go – too tired!).

Pauline had done some lovely food – dips, salmon, salads… Cindy had done a chocolate fudge cake (from Nigella Lawson – yum yum).

We didn’t stay as long as we’d intended, because the children were worn out! We got home in time for Doctor Who (Doctor Who actually moving shock – it was the one about Rose’s dad).

And so to bed – early. Sleepovers definitely only at weekends – on a school day this level of borderline grumpiness would have been unbearable!

Nitin Sawhney

Yesterday evening, Cindy and I went to Gateshead to see Nitin Sawhney play at the Sage.

It’s a fantastic building and a brilliant concert hall. It is very comfortable and has fantastic acoustics, but it was a slightly strange venue for a “pop” concert.


Because it was all seating, everyone was sitting down most of the time and listening very reverently with clapping after the end of each song – a concert rather than a gig.

The music was brilliant with 5 fantastic vocalists. They played some tracks off the new album, Philtre, and some older ones too.

We came home on the train after the concert and collapsed into bed at about 1am.