Toby’s Piano Lessons

Toby decided after the summer holiday that he wanted to have piano lessons again. He tinkled quite a lot over the summer and learnt some music from “Pop Hits.” I think he wants to do it partly because he’s doing Music GCSE, partly because he can use it towards his Duke of Edinburgh Award, and partly because he was enjoying playing again.

The first teacher we found didn’t turn out very well – he was a little odd and Toby just didn’t like his style of teaching or playing.

The new teacher Toby has got is a young man who is doing a Master’s degree in Improvised Music and Jazz at the University. He’s very keen and enthusiastic, has been teaching for several years already, and Toby is really enjoying it. Toby’s learning to improvise, learning some boogie woogie tunes and playing the piano frequently – which regardless of anything else has got to be good.

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