Maurice’s Surprise 70th Birthday Party

Cindy’s dad, Maurice, was 70 on Friday and we all met up for a surprise meal. He knew he was going out with Mandy and David, but also there were Amy and Tom, Janyne, Steve, Christopher (who’s 20th birthday it was), Matthew and Cindy and I. Maurice was very surpirsed and very pleased!

Jayne had organised a fantastic gift for him. It’s a voucher for him to be able to drive a F1 racing car. Maurice seemed pretty overwhelmed by this, and couldn’t wait to be able to do it. Photos to follow once he does it!

We had a nice meal in a pub near to where Pat and Maurice live – followed by coffee and more drinks back at their house. Didn’t get into bed intil almost 2! Then drove back home this morning.


A Doll’s House

Very good. Felt long and lots of talking, but the main actor – Tanya Moodie – who was on stage for almost all the play was absolutely spellbinding. I really found it difficult to look at anyone else. At the end of the play she suddenly appeared behind the scenery in a snowstorm – very bleak ending. The play is all about the position of women in 19th/20th century society and coincidently we’ve just been listening to A Room with a View in the car and it has lots of the same themes – independence, thinking for one’s self…

There’s a Guardian review of A Doll’s House here.


The kitchen ripping out is really getting close now. We’ve got the new units in Lance and Mary’s cellar, the floor digging up people (damp) are booked, and a plumber is booked to move the gas for the new hob. Dave knows what we want and is coming up next week to start!!

We’ve still got to order new oven and hob, but I think we’ve decided what we want and it only has a week or so delivery time, so we’re waiting a little bit still.

What we have got to do is empty the kitchen of all its stuff – and most of the backroom too, so it doesn’t get too filthy.

Tobias’ Visit

Toby’s German exchange – Tobi – went home on Wednesday. I think that he had a good time. He didn’t eat very much, but according to Toby, his friends said that none of the visitors did! If that’s all they eat in general Toby is going to be ravenous when he goes over there in June.

At the weekend we went to watch Huddersfield Town play a match against Blackpool. It was very cold, but I think we all enjoyed ourselves. Toby normally goes with Keith Emerick, so this was the first time I had gone. The people around us in the crowd were what made it interesting. In the evening a load of Toby and Tobi’s friends came to our house for pasta and video.

On Sunday they went round to someone else’s and played football and XBox. Monday after school was ten pin bowling, then on Tuesday Tobi went home.

Busy few days.


A lot to catch up as I haven’t posted for a week.

My first week back at school was fine – lots of observation and group work. The children seemed pleased to see me and I enjoyed myself.

The second week was up and down. Monday was fine. Tuesday morning was good, but Tuesday afternoon was dreadful. I felt right back where I had been – then I stupidly stayed for a staff meeting and must have been obviously miserable. Wednesday though, was really good. I had an excellent science lesson that all the children enjoyed. Andrew, the deputy head asked me to think about what I had done to make it better, but really I don’t think I had done anything particularly different. I was as well prepared on Tuesday as I was on Wednesday, and in fact Wednesday’s lesson was what I’d tried to start on Tuesday. So – good that I had a good lesson and I must try and stay positive through the bad ones.

Next week I’m in school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – Thursday and Friday by myself.

Waiting for Tobias

John and Rose have gone to bed. Cindy is having a nap because she’s exhausted.

Toby is on a coach on his way home from Manchester Airport, where he’s gone with school to meet his German exchange, Tobias. They should be arriving in York in the next half an hour or so. They’ll probably both be hungry!

Tobias is staying until next Tuesday, and he’s got an action packed schedule lined up. They’re both going into school tomorrow, then off to Bradford to the National Museum of Film and Photography. Saturday, Toby, Tobias and I are off, with Keith, to watch Huddersfield Town play, then in the evening one of Toby’s friends and German visitor is coming to watch videos and eat pasta. Sunday we’re going to Whitby for fish and chips. Monday is school for Toby and a day out in York for Tobias, then bowling organised by the school in the evening. On Tuesday, Toby and Tobias go to school and Tobias goes home from there.

I’m off to pick up them up in ten minutes or so – oh,there’s the phone!!

Back to School

I’m back to school tomorrow. I’m in for two and a half days this week, and am helping out and planning rather than being in charge – that starts next week.

I am apprehensive, but I think that it will be one of those situations that will be alright once it starts. Definitely better to be getting stuck in than carrying on worrying.

Also – there are only five weeks till the end of term, and I’m not doing a full week till the last week of term. So I hope I’ll be sorted and settled by then. Huge summer term to slog through – but worrying about that can wait.

I probably won’t update this as often now I’ll have “proper” things to do – but will try to keep it at least weekly.

Mandy and Tom Here

Mandy and Tom have come to visit for a few days. Tom’s half term has just started – unlike ours, which is just finishing. Toby and Tom have spent ages on various computers, and have been to the park to drive Toby’s car (but a wheel fell off – not even my fault! – it’s only a screw.) Mandy, John, Rose and I went to a Viking Craft Trading Fair (!) full of people in chain mail buying drinking horns and so on.

Cindy hasn’t been out today as she’s getting a bit of a cold. Her next chemo is on Tuesday. Mandy and Tom also go home on Tuesday, taking a huge list of kitchen jobs for David – he’s ripping our kitchen out at the end of the month. Exciting.

Vikings vs Saxons

We went down to the Eye of York this afternoon to watch a battle between the Vikings and the Saxons. It was supposed to be 1066 and the Battle of Stamford Bridge, so the Vikings lost.

It was a bit dull to be honest, but John and Rose enjoyed it.

It made me think of something that had crossed my mind at the Chinese Parade earlier in the week. Lots of people there were taking photos, either with digital cameras or with camera phones. Most of the photos will have the top of the person in front’s head, and in the dark the action was too far away for the flash to have worked, so there must be an awful lot of fairly rubbish photos out there somewhere – what happens to them all? Do people save them, print them out, send them to other people with modern phones, or are there 500 photos of the Viking Festival out there on the net somewhere? An over documented world – with most of the information of poor quality?