Icing Bag Nozzles

I’ve been making meringues for John’s birthday this evening. Cindy always used the icing bag to squirt them out quickly, so I thought that I’d do the same. But I can’t find the nozzles anywhere. I can find the icing bag, but not the nozzles.

I think this just shows that it really isn’t my job.

The meringues look good though, just not as neat.

It’s very odd looking back ten years to the night before John was born. Toby must have been coming towards the end of his first term (part-time) at Scarcroft. Cindy was fantastically well, working hard in Norton, car sharing with Jean. I remember sitting in our kitchen with David while Cindy had contractions, enjoying a sausage sandwich. We were lucky to have so many good times together.

School for Scandal

I’ve just got all the children into bed after coming back from seeing The School for Scandal at York Theatre Royal. It was colourful, funny, bright and interesting – all things that last week’s Hamlet weren’t. Unfortunately it was also long and combined with the heat this sent both John and Rose to sleep – one on either side of me.

Earlier on today, Toby went to see Huddersfield play with Keith; John, Rose & I played the Harry Potter boardgame and then Rose went off to play with Lily.

John’s Birthday Treat

It’s John’s birthday next Thursday, and he decided to have his birthday treat before his birthday. So last night he had 5 friends (Tom, Robert, Nathan, Jean Luc & Livvy) round for tea and then went on a ghost walk.

For tea we had burgers and chips (his choice honest) and then a chocolate cake from Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes cook book. It was Bruce Bogtrotters cake – the one a child has to eat all of in Matilda. It was incredibly rich and really rather good.

We went out on the ghost walk at seven, all wrapped up in coats, scarves, gloves and coats as it was so cold. Unfortunately we didn’t have any snow here, unlike other parts of the country. Everyone enjoyed the walk and didn’t get too scared – it was story telling rather than full on scaryness. We came home and had more chocolate cake and warm drinks, and everyone except Tom went home at 9:30. Tom stayed for a sleepover, and went home as I took Rose off to her dancing this morning.


Rose and John’s Instruments Arrived

I picked up Rose’s flute and John’s saxophone on Tuesday and today is the day of their lessons. Rose had borrowed a flute from Sam, so she’s had one lesson already, and can play G, A, B & C!! It’ll be John’s first go though, we haven’t even put the reed in his sax yet, in case we got it wrong. He has of course been posing with it, standing on a chair in the kitchen waving it around this morning for instance. Perhaps this evening he’ll actually be able to make a note.


Wednesday Night – Trinny & Susannah

We seem to have got into a routine of all watching What Not to Wear every Wednesday evening, even though it goes on too late for a school night!

We all love laughing at the terrible “before” parts, and marvelling at the transformation at the end of each show. I realise that I don’t have a leg to stand on in the fashion stakes, but it’s still funny. As these reality tv makeover shows go it isn’t too bad, and sometimes the changes in people’s self-confidence, like last night, is astonishing.

Rose Back to School

After Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday morning off school, Rose went back on Tuesday morning, and had a good time.

She had been exhausted, full of a cold and finding school very difficult. It seemed too busy, with no time for her to be quiet. Rose also finds it difficult to talk about anything like that, so it took a lot of time to be able to talk calmly about when she would feel ready to go to school. However, we managed to on Monday, so on Tuesday I wasn’t panicking about getting her up and was able to let her sleep in, so she got about an hour and a half extra sleep. By the afternoon she was quite positive about going back, and she seemed to have a good time.

After school she went to Gemma’s and then straight on to gym.

Theatre, Theatre, Gym, Dance, Cinema

On Friday evening I went to see Jerusalem at the WYP with Lance, while Mary looked after the children (babysat is no longer the right word). Judy and Keith, to whom I had given the tickets, had discovered that they couldn’t go after all, so after looking for anyone else who was free, I went.

It was a very good play, seven actors who all played instruments and sang. They burst into modern pop tunes at various points to fit into the story. The put upon son sang a Smiths song and the granny sang a very drunken, aggressive version of Take Me Out. I’m glad I’ve been back to the WYP before we go to see Alice in Wonderland in the new year.

On Saturday Rose went to a birthday party, and then to a sleep-over. Toby and I went to see Hamlet at the Theatre Royal with Lance and Mary, and John was looked after by Jean. Hamlet seemed really dull, so Toby and I left at half time!

On Sunday, John had a gym competition, in which he won silver for his floor. He’d made up the routine himself and it was brilliant. Rose was at the dance festival with school and did a really good dance to Chattanooga Choo Choo. Then we went out to La Piazza, followed by Harry Potter at the City Screen.

Very busy weekend.

Thursday Already

– where does the week go?

The problem with writing several days at a time, is that I can’t quite remember what I did when! However looking at my diary –

Monday – supermarket and in the afternoon to Millthorpe with John and Rose’s classes to see Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat, their Christmas production. Excellent. As Toby has been so uninterested in this sort of thing, we’ve had practically no idea it’s been happening, but there are obviously lots of opportunities for singing, dancing and acting. Some of the main parts were pupils in year 8, so that could be John in 2 years time! It was also good for John to have another chance to get into Millthorpe, so it isn’t so unknown next year.

Tuesday, I saw Ted briefly, before having coffee with Alison and then lunch with Lance and Mary.

Wednesday – John was off school, and Rose was off school today – so I had to cancel badminton with Mark again. Oh and I went to the pub with Steve on Wednesday evening.

Brimham Rocks

We went to Brimham Rocks today with Kath and Louis. It was a fantastic day, really bright and warm (in the sun), but crisp and properly autumnal. Apart from the café being rushed off their feet, and almost out of food, we had an excellent time. Lots of climbing up and sliding down these really oddly shaped rocks. Then we came back here for neck of lamb hotpot and pears and chocolate cake.

The last time we went to Brimham Rocks was in the spring I think. I seem to recall that it was one of the first places we took Cindy in the wheelchair. It’s very strange going back to places without her.